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Wanted to take a moment to let you know that F-Stop, a stand-alone romantic comedy that fits into the Revelation Cove world, is AVAILABLE NOW, without a prescription. :) They say laughter IS the best medicine, and lately, who couldn’t use a healthy dose of laughs …

In case you didn’t read what an f-stop is in my prior post, it’s a camera term, a measurement rating used to describe the size of the opening in the lens shutter, which determines how much light gets in to expose the photograph (known as aperture). In THIS case, it’s the nickname for our lead character, Francesca, given to her by her dad, a world-renowned photographer.

Isn’t that cover ADORABLE? Click for buy links!

Isn’t that cover ADORABLE? Click for buy links!

Official summary:

Sometimes, love just clicks.

Frankie Hawes is happy to shrink into the background and play personal assistant to her superstar photographer father and prodigy older brother. But when her brother breaks his leg, and her dad is off on vacation, Frankie must step up to the plate and fill in for the Meyer-Nelson wedding.

Held at the picturesque Revelation Cove in British Columbia, Frankie is more than a little nervous about playing photographer for the weekend. Other than a few snaps of canines here and there, Frankie is inexperienced, underprepared, and overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with an incessant and irritating bridezilla who just so happens to be an old school bully.

Enter wedding guest Sam—a childhood friend turned handsome bachelor who helps Frankie see that her black and white existence in the sidelines has the potential to snap into full high definition color. If only she’d see it. As feelings grow between the pair and Frankie juggles dealing with the business during a family emergency, Frankie begins to realize that maybe it’s time for her to pull focus in her own life.

F-Stop is the third book in the hilariously romantic Revelation Cove series, perfect for fans of laugh-out-loud romps, sweet and passionate romance that gives you butterflies, and feel-good stories with a happily ever after.

Available RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND at all your favorite online retailers, including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Kobo, and Scribd!

For those interested in a paperback or hardcover, you can order from Amazon OR at your preferred bookstore. Talk to a bookseller and they can help you order it right there on the spot! Folks local to me, I’ll be talking to my home Chapters location to get F-Stop (and her newly redesigned siblings) on store shelves!

Have a great weekend of READING!